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1. axis of evils
2. between two evils
3. choice of evils defense
4. colt evils
5. elder evils
6. evils
7. evils evil cousin
8. evils of something
9. evils of the night
10. evils toy
11. falling evils
12. five evils
13. give someone evils
14. greater of two evils
15. joint evils
16. king's evils
17. kings evils
18. lesser evils defense
19. lesser of two evils
20. lesser of two evils principle
21. moor evils
22. necessary evils
23. poll evils
24. quarter evils
25. social evils
26. storm rider clash of the evils
27. the evils of something
28. the greater of two evils
29. the lesser of two evils
30. them evils
31. thousands of evils
32. three evils
33. tree of knowledge of good and evils


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