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101. make last ditch effort
102. make the an effort
103. make the effort
104. makes an effort
105. making an effort
106. marked by excessive effort
107. matchless effort
108. mating effort
109. maxim effort
110. maximum tractive effort
111. mental effort
112. normal effort
113. principle of least effort
114. procure by effort
115. put forth effort
116. reasonable effort
117. recurring effort
118. reduction effort
119. repay your effort time attention etc
120. requiring no effort
121. research effort
122. respiratory effort
123. return on modeling effort
124. right effort
125. road improvement development effort
126. sales effort
127. second effort
128. software development effort estimation
129. somatic effort
130. spare no effort
131. spare no effort expense
132. spare no effort to
133. start an all-out effort
134. start an all out effort
135. strenuous effort
136. supplier cost reduction effort
137. team effort
138. team effort this was a
139. test effort
140. thrombose par effort
141. tractive effort
142. unity of effort
143. unrivaled effort
144. vain effort
145. vocal effort
146. war effort
147. waste of effort
148. without effort

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