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1. a big boy did it and ran away
2. a ducking they did go
3. a slumber did my spirit seal
4. a wizard did it
5. all you did was save my life
6. and did those feet in ancient time
7. and did those feet in ancient times
8. and when did you last see your father
9. aren't you kind of glad we did
10. aren't you kinda glad we did
11. arent you kind of glad we did
12. arent you kinda glad we did
13. baby did a bad bad thing
14. bush did harambe
15. butler did it
16. butler did it - the
17. butler did it the
18. charged with crime did not commit
19. contractor late and did bad work
20. course of true love never did run smooth
21. dancing did
22. did
23. did-tmlcc
24. did a
25. did a bad turn
26. did a bang-up job
27. did a bang up job
28. did a bunk
29. did a favor
30. did a favour
31. did a good turn
32. did a job on
33. did a land-office business
34. did a land office business
35. did a line
36. did a melba
37. did a mischief
38. did a number on
39. did a power of good
40. did a roaring business
41. did a roaring trade
42. did a runner
43. did an
44. did an injury
45. did an injustice
46. did anyone approach you
47. did away
48. did away with
49. did away with sb
50. did away with sth
51. did battle
52. did best
53. did bird
54. did bit
55. did by
56. did christians steal christmas
57. did credit
58. did damnedest
59. did dance ka tashan
60. did dirt
61. did dnis
62. did dod
63. did dontzoff
64. did down
65. did duty as
66. did duty for
67. did everything he could 'cept eat us
68. did everything he could cept eat us
69. did fine
70. did for
71. did for sb/sth
72. did for sb sth
73. did god have a wife
74. did good
75. did head
76. did i ever tell you
77. did i ever tell you how lucky you are
78. did i let you know
79. did i shave my back for this
80. did i shave my legs for this
81. did i stutter
82. did i tell you
83. did in
84. did it
85. did it again
86. did it for love
87. did it for the girl
88. did it in a minute
89. did it on'em
90. did it onem
91. did justice
92. did level best
93. did marco polo go to china
94. did more harm than good
95. did my time
96. did no favors
97. did no favours
98. did not attend
99. did not bat
100. did not finish

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