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1. determine
2. determine a controversy
3. determine a point at issue
4. determine after judicial inquiry
5. determine an issue
6. determine beforehand
7. determine boundaries
8. determine cardiac output
9. determine exactly
10. determine finally
11. determine in advance
12. determine in favor of
13. determine on
14. determine once for all
15. determine size
16. determine the amount of indebtedness
17. determine the essential qualities of
18. determine the essentials
19. determine the existence of
20. determine the grade of
21. determine the heaviness of
22. determine the result of
23. determine the root of the problem
24. determine the weight of
25. determine the worth of
26. determine upon
27. determine value
28. determine with precision
29. five points determine a conic
30. judicially determine
31. legally determine
32. right to determine
33. self-determine
34. self determine


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