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1. 1st air defense artillery
2. 1st air defense artillery regiment
3. 1st regional community defense group
4. 2nd air defense artillery regiment
5. 2nd low altitude air defense battalion
6. 2xl fleet defense
7. 3-4 defense
8. 3 4 defense
9. 3rd air defense artillery regiment
10. 3rd defense battalion
11. 3rd low altitude air defense battalion
12. 4th air defense artillery regiment
13. 4th low altitude air defense battalion
14. 5-2 defense
15. 5 2 defense
16. 5th air defense artillery regiment
17. 6th air defense artillery brigade
18. 6th air defense artillery regiment
19. 7th air defense artillery regiment
20. 7th coastal defense brigade
21. 7th regional community defense group
22. a defense of abortion
23. abolition of the defense
24. absolute defense
25. abuse defense
26. active air defense
27. active defense
28. active network intrusion defense
29. adcor defense
30. aegis ballistic missile defense
31. aegis ballistic missile defense system
32. aegis defense services
33. aeronautics defense dominator
34. aeronautics defense orbiter
35. aeronautics defense systems
36. aeronautics defense systems ltd
37. aerospace defense
38. aerospace defense center
39. aerospace defense command
40. affirmative defense
41. afghan defense ministry
42. afghan defense university
43. afghan ministry of defense
44. afghan national defense university
45. african american defense league
46. agc aerospace & defense
47. agency for defense development
48. aidc f-ck indigenous defense fighter
49. aidc f ck indigenous defense fighter
50. air-defense artillery
51. air-defense experiments
52. air base ground defense
53. air defense
54. air defense action area
55. air defense alerting device
56. air defense anti-tank system
57. air defense anti tank system
58. air defense area
59. air defense artillery
60. air defense battle zone
61. air defense command
62. air defense commander
63. air defense control center
64. air defense direction center
65. air defense division
66. air defense early warning
67. air defense emergency
68. air defense experiments
69. air defense ground environment
70. air defense identification zone
71. air defense operations area
72. air defense operations center
73. air defense operations team
74. air defense readiness
75. air defense region
76. air defense sector
77. air defense ship
78. air defense suppression
79. air defense system
80. air defense systems
81. air defense warning conditions
82. air defense weapons center
83. air self-defense force
84. air self defense force
85. airbus defense and space
86. alabama state defense force
87. alaska defense command
88. alaska state defense force
89. albanian naval defense forces
90. albuquerque air defense sector
91. alekhine defense
92. all-weather air defense fighter
93. all weather air defense fighter
94. alliance defense fund
95. alvin plantinga's free will defense
96. alvin plantingas free will defense
97. amazon defense coalition
98. american civil defense association
99. american defense service medal
100. american defense society

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