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1. 1st air and air defence forces command
2. 2nd air defence army
3. 4th air and air defence forces command
4. 7th battalion ulster defence regiment
5. 8th air defence army
6. 8th coastal defence flotilla
7. 9th battalion ulster defence regiment
8. a defence of common sense
9. a defence of cosmetics
10. a defence of general funston
11. a defence of masochism
12. a defence of poetry
13. absolute defence
14. academy of national defence
15. active air defence
16. adams defence
17. advanced air defence
18. aegis defence services
19. affirmative defence
20. african wildlife defence force
21. aidc f-ck indigenous defence fighter
22. aidc f ck indigenous defence fighter
23. air defence
24. air defence battalion
25. air defence cadet corps
26. air defence command
27. air defence of great britain
28. air defence regiment
29. air defence system
30. airbus defence & space
31. airbus defence and space
32. airbus defence and space spaceplane
33. airbus space and defence spaceplane
34. airfield defence guards
35. alekhine's defence
36. alekhine defence
37. alekhines defence
38. algerian civil defence
39. all india defence employees federation
40. all round defence
41. alumni of the national defence academy
42. ambush defence
43. anglo-malayan defence agreement
44. anglo malayan defence agreement
45. antelope air defence system
46. anti-aircraft defence
47. anti-missile defence system
48. anti aircraft defence
49. anti missile defence system
50. anticipatory self-defence
51. anticipatory self defence
52. area-defence
53. area defence
54. armoured defence ground strike vehicle
55. army air defence college
56. army air defence command
57. ashok leyland defence systems
58. assistant chief of defence staff
59. assistant chief of the defence staff
60. australian defence college
61. australian defence force
62. australian defence force academy
63. australian defence force cadets
64. australian defence force ensign
65. australian defence force ranks
66. australian defence forces
67. australian defence industries
68. australian defence medal
69. australian defence ministry
70. australian defence movement
71. australian defence organisation
72. australian defence veterans party
73. australian department of defence
74. australian industry and defence network
75. australian maritime defence council
76. austrian air defence
77. azerbaijani air and air defence force
78. bahrain defence force
79. bailey v ministry of defence
80. baku air defence army
81. ballistic missile defence
82. balogh defence
83. baltic defence
84. baltic defence college
85. bangladesh fire service & civil defence
86. bar-class boom defence vessel
87. bar class boom defence vessel
88. barbados defence force
89. barbados defence force sc
90. barbados defence force sports program
91. battered woman defence
92. battle of the forward defence lines
93. belarusian home defence
94. belize defence force
95. belize defence force air wing
96. belize defence force fc
97. benoni defence
98. berlin defence
99. biological defence
100. biological warfare defence

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