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1. 6 coordinating mechanisms
2. airspace coordinating measures
3. alaska systems coordinating council
4. coordinating
5. coordinating-conjunction
6. coordinating agency
7. coordinating altitude
8. coordinating authority
9. coordinating committee for intercontinental research networks
10. coordinating conjunction
11. coordinating conjunctions
12. coordinating holes
13. coordinating minister for infrastructure
14. coordinating one's pieces
15. coordinating ones pieces
16. coordinating point
17. coordinating review authority
18. defense coordinating element
19. defense coordinating officer
20. federal coordinating officer
21. fire support coordinating measure
22. florida reliability coordinating council
23. interworld police coordinating company
24. national coordinating commission
25. national disaster coordinating council
26. national wildfire coordinating group
27. non-coordinating anion
28. non coordinating anion
29. northeast power coordinating council
30. operations coordinating board
31. revolutionary coordinating junta
32. space coordinating authority
33. statewide health coordinating committee
34. student national coordinating committee
35. student nonviolent coordinating committee
36. ukrainian american coordinating council
37. weakly coordinating anion
38. western electricity coordinating council


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