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1. a congregation of ghosts
2. adas israel congregation
3. adath israel congregation
4. adath jeshurun congregation
5. american-cassinese congregation
6. american cassinese congregation
7. anshei sphard beth el emeth congregation
8. baltimore hebrew congregation synagogue
9. bavarian congregation
10. belfast hebrew congregation
11. beth el hebrew congregation
12. beth tfiloh congregation
13. beth tzedec congregation
14. birmingham hebrew congregation
15. blackpool reform jewish congregation
16. blackpool united hebrew congregation
17. bournemouth hebrew congregation
18. brisbane hebrew congregation
19. bury hebrew congregation
20. chizuk amuno congregation
21. christian congregation
22. christian congregation in brazil
23. christian congregation of brazil
24. city congregation for humanistic judaism
25. cluny congregation of
26. congregation
27. congregation-based community organizing
28. congregation adas emuno
29. congregation adath jeshurun
30. congregation agudath achim
31. congregation agudath shalom
32. congregation aish kodesh
33. congregation albert
34. congregation b'nai abraham
35. congregation b'nai amoona
36. congregation b'nai israel synagogue
37. congregation b'nai torah
38. congregation baith israel anshei emes
39. congregation based community organizing
40. congregation beit simchat torah
41. congregation berith sholom
42. congregation beth adam
43. congregation beth ahabah
44. congregation beth elohim
45. congregation beth emeth
46. congregation beth israel
47. congregation beth israel-judea
48. congregation beth israel judea
49. congregation beth israel of houston
50. congregation beth jacob
51. congregation beth jacob ohev sholom
52. congregation beth yeshurun
53. congregation bnai abraham
54. congregation bnai amoona
55. congregation bnai israel
56. congregation bnai israel synagogue
57. congregation bnai torah
58. congregation chasam sopher
59. congregation emanu-el b'ne jeshurun
60. congregation emanu-el of new york
61. congregation emanu el
62. congregation emanu el bne jeshurun
63. congregation emanu el of new york
64. congregation ezra bessaroth
65. congregation for bishops
66. congregation for borders
67. congregation for catholic education
68. congregation for clergy
69. congregation for divine worship
70. congregation for oriental churches
71. congregation for the causes of saints
72. congregation for the clergy
73. congregation for the inquisition
74. congregation for the oriental churches
75. congregation gemiluth chassodim
76. congregation habonim
77. congregation habonim toronto
78. congregation kahal kadosh beth elohim
79. congregation kehilath jeshurun
80. congregation kneses tifereth israel
81. congregation m'kor shalom
82. congregation mickve israel
83. congregation mikveh israel
84. congregation mishkan israel
85. congregation mkor shalom
86. congregation mosque of damavand
87. congregation mount of the
88. congregation neveh shalom
89. congregation of ceremonies
90. congregation of christian brothers
91. congregation of cluny
92. congregation of diocesan right
93. congregation of divine providence
94. congregation of georgian jews
95. congregation of holy cross
96. congregation of jesuati
97. congregation of jesus
98. congregation of jesus and mary
99. congregation of la chaise-dieu
100. congregation of la chaise dieu

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