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1. 1st air and air defence forces command
2. 1st air command
3. 1st logistics command
4. 1st personnel command
5. 1st signal command
6. 1st sustainment command
7. 2d airborne command and control squadron
8. 2d command and control squadron
9. 3d command and control squadron
10. 3rd air command
11. 3rd logistical command
12. 3rd medical command
13. 3rd sustainment command
14. 4th air and air defence forces command
15. 4th sustainment command
16. 5th air command
17. 5th interceptor command
18. 5th signal command
19. 7th air command
20. 7th signal command
21. 8th theater sustainment command
22. 9th air command
23. 9th army signal command
24. 9th mission support command
25. a stranger to command
26. absalon class command and support ship
27. absalon class command ship
28. administrative chain of command
29. advanced strategic command
30. aec armoured command vehicle
31. aegean sea naval command
32. aerospace defense command
33. afp central command
34. afp eastern mindanao command
35. afp ncr command
36. afp northern luzon command
37. afp southern luzon command
38. afp western command
39. afp western mindanao command
40. africa command
41. Air Combat Command
42. air command
43. air command and staff college
44. air command commander
45. air command commander elite
46. air command commander side-by-side
47. air command commander side by side
48. air command commander sport
49. air command commander tandem
50. air command europe
51. air command international
52. air command tandem
53. air corps ferrying command
54. air corps technical training command
55. air defence command
56. air defense command
57. air education and training command
58. air force combat command
59. air force command
60. air force communications command
61. air force cyber command
62. air force forces command
63. air force global strike command
64. air force logistics command
65. air force material command
66. air force materiel command
67. air force reserve command
68. Air Force Space Command
69. air force special operations command
70. air force strategic command
71. air force systems command
72. air material command compiler
73. air materiel command
74. air mobility command
75. air mobility command museum
76. air research and development command
77. air service command
78. air technical service command
79. air training command
80. air transport command
81. airborne command post
82. aja university of command and staff
83. alaska command
84. alaska defense command
85. alaskan air command
86. alaskan command
87. albanian joint forces command
88. albanian land forces command
89. aldershot command
90. align command
91. allied air command
92. allied air command izmir
93. allied characters of command & conquer
94. Allied Command Atlantic
95. allied command channel
96. Allied Command Europe
97. allied command europe mobile force
98. allied command operations
99. allied command transformation
100. allied force command heidelberg

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