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1. band clutches
2. centrifugal clutches
3. claw clutches
4. clutches
5. clutches at sth
6. clutches at straws
7. cone clutches
8. disk clutches
9. dog clutches
10. double-clutches
11. double clutches
12. fall into clutches
13. fluid clutches
14. friction clutches
15. in clutches
16. in someone's or something's clutches
17. in someones or somethings clutches
18. in the clutches of the gang
19. in the clutches of the ku klux klan
20. jaw clutches
21. magnetic clutches
22. magnetic fluid clutches
23. overrunning clutches
24. plate clutches
25. positive clutches
26. rim clutches
27. ring clutches
28. rolling key clutches
29. sb's clutches
30. sbs clutches
31. slip friction clutches
32. snap clutches
33. someone's clutches
34. someones clutches


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