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1. -bored
2. a star is bored
3. baby i'm bored
4. baby im bored
5. be bored
6. be bored drunk etc out of your mind
7. be bored stiff
8. be bored to death
9. be bored to tears
10. bored cylindrical lock
11. bored frightened etc to death
12. bored in the house
13. bored into sb
14. bored lock
15. bored nothing
16. bored of studies
17. bored of the rings
18. bored out of one's brains
19. bored out of one's mind
20. bored out of one's skull
21. bored out of one's tree
22. bored out of ones brains
23. bored out of ones mind
24. bored out of ones skull
25. bored out of ones tree
26. bored out of your mind
27. bored panda
28. bored scared worried stiff
29. bored shitless
30. bored shorts tv
31. bored silly
32. bored stiff
33. bored stone
34. bored the pants off
35. bored to death
36. bored to death/tears
37. bored to death tears
38. bored to distraction
39. bored to tears
40. chairmen of the bored
41. ear-bored
42. ear bored
43. free-bored
44. free bored
45. i'm so bored with the usa
46. im bored
47. im so bored with the usa
48. line bored
49. maybe she's bored with it
50. maybe shes bored with it
51. ration bored
52. surf-bored cat
53. surf bored cat
54. to be bored shitless
55. wide awake bored
56. zoom and bored


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