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1. a little birdie told me
2. birdie
3. birdie & bogey
4. birdie amsterdam
5. birdie buddy
6. birdie cree
7. birdie hop
8. birdie in the cage
9. birdie kim
10. birdie king 3
11. birdie lenore gambitz
12. birdie powder
13. birdie reeve kay
14. birdie song
15. birdie tebbetts
16. birdie the early bird
17. birdie told me
18. bj birdie
19. bring back birdie
20. bye bye birdie
21. bye bye birdie film
22. bye bye birdie live
23. double birdie
24. look at the birdie
25. sing little birdie
26. super birdie rush
27. watch the birdie
28. watts birdie


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