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1. al-qaeda kurdish battalions
2. al qaeda kurdish battalions
3. anti-chetnik battalions
4. anti chetnik battalions
5. armenian battalions
6. battalions
7. battalions of fear
8. battalions of light infantry of africa
9. battalions of the mobile defence corps
10. brats in battalions
11. destruction battalions
12. dignity battalions
13. entrenching battalions
14. euphrates jarabulus battalions
15. fusilier battalions
16. home service battalions
17. indonesian army infantry battalions
18. Iz Al-din Al-qassam Battalions
19. iz al din al qassam battalions
20. izz ad-din al-qassam battalions
21. izz ad din al qassam battalions
22. izz al-din al-qassim battalions
23. izz al-din al qassam battalions
24. izz al din al qassam battalions
25. izz al din al qassim battalions
26. izzedine al qassam battalions
27. labour battalions
28. latvian police battalions
29. list of battalions of the royal scots
30. list of marine corps battalions
31. list of pals battalions
32. lithuanian auxiliary police battalions
33. lithuanian tda battalions
34. louise michel battalions
35. marine corps reconnaissance battalions
36. marine defense battalions
37. marine recon battalions
38. national congress battalions
39. national defense battalions
40. national guard defence battalions
41. naval construction battalions
42. observation battalions
43. order police battalions
44. ottoman labour battalions
45. pals battalions
46. penal battalions
47. public schools battalions
48. red battalions
49. royal veteran battalions
50. Salah Al-din Battalions
51. salah al din battalions
52. security battalions
53. special battalions vostok and zapad
54. sportsmen's battalions
55. sportsmens battalions
56. territorial defence battalions
57. territorial defense battalions
58. tunis field battalions


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