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1. athar
2. athar aamir khan
3. athar abbas
4. athar ali bengali
5. athar ali khan
6. athar blood bank
7. athar jhelum
8. athar shah khan jaidi
9. athar tahir
10. athar zaidi
11. dar al athar al islamiyyah
12. kitab al-athar
13. kitab al athar
14. m. athar ali
15. m athar ali
16. maulana athar mubarakpuri
17. maulana hafiz athar ali
18. mirza athar baig
19. mirza mohammed athar
20. mirza mohd athar
21. moulana athar ali
22. muhammad athar qureshi
23. saiyid athar abbas rizvi
24. sohaib athar
25. syed athar hussain gilani
26. tahdhib al-athar
27. tahdhib al athar


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