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1. assign
2. assign a date to
3. assign a duty
4. assign a grade to
5. assign a meaning to
6. assign a role to
7. assign a time slot to
8. assign a time to
9. assign a value to
10. assign again
11. assign authority to
12. assign dower
13. assign employees
14. assign one’s share to
15. assign places to
16. assign power of attorney to
17. assign sb to sth
18. assign something to
19. assign the care of
20. assign the parts
21. assign to
22. assign to a lower position
23. assign to a place
24. assign to a post
25. assign to a slot
26. assign to an earlier date
27. assign to battle stations
28. assign to categories
29. assign to lodgings
30. assign to positions
31. assign work
32. dos assign
33. pre-assign
34. pre assign
35. right to assign employees
36. right to assign work
37. to assign
38. to assign dower


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