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1. .net assembly
2. 1st alberta legislative assembly
3. 1st assembly of experts
4. 1st delaware general assembly
5. 1st general assembly of newfoundland
6. 1st general assembly of nova scotia
7. 1st georgia general assembly
8. 1st karnataka legislative assembly
9. 1st lagos state house of assembly
10. 1st national assembly of the philippines
11. 1st nepalese constituent assembly
12. 1st ohio general assembly
13. 1st podemos citizen assembly
14. 1st uttarakhand assembly
15. 2nd armm regional legislative assembly
16. 2nd delaware general assembly
17. 2nd general assembly of newfoundland
18. 2nd illinois general assembly
19. 2nd nepalese constituent assembly
20. 2nd ohio general assembly
21. 2nd podemos citizen assembly
22. 3rd delaware general assembly
23. 3rd general assembly of newfoundland
24. 3rd national assembly of the philippines
25. 3rd uttarakhand assembly
26. 4th delaware general assembly
27. 4th north-west legislative assembly
28. 4th north west legislative assembly
29. 5th delaware general assembly
30. 5th general assembly of nova scotia
31. 5th illinois general assembly
32. 5th legislative assembly of nunavut
33. 6th armm regional legislative assembly
34. 6th delaware general assembly
35. 6th general assembly of nova scotia
36. 6th lagos state house of assembly
37. 7th delaware general assembly
38. 7th legislative assembly of ontario
39. 7th national assembly
40. 8th armm regional legislative assembly
41. 8th delaware general assembly
42. 8th national assembly
43. 8th nigeria national assembly
44. 8th rivers state house of assembly
45. 9th delaware general assembly
46. 9th karnataka legislative assembly
47. 9th legislative assembly of ontario
48. 9th national assembly
49. abia state house of assembly
50. abohar assembly constituency
51. abolish the welsh assembly party
52. accra metropolitan assembly
53. acp-eu joint parliamentary assembly
54. acp eu joint parliamentary assembly
55. act legislative assembly
56. act of the national assembly for wales
57. act of the northern ireland assembly
58. actin assembly-inducing protein
59. actin assembly inducing protein
60. action assembly
61. action assembly theory
62. acts of the national assembly for wales
63. aichi prefectural assembly
64. air bleeder assembly
65. akwa ibom state house of assembly
66. alabama general assembly
67. alberta legislative assembly
68. algorithmic assembly language
69. all belarusian people's assembly
70. all belarusian peoples assembly
71. amargarh assembly constituency
72. american assembly
73. amritsar central assembly constituency
74. amritsar south assembly constituency
75. andhra pradesh legislative assembly
76. andhra pradesh state assembly
77. anguilla house of assembly
78. ansi assembly identifier
79. apple assembly line
80. application assembly cache
81. appointed member of legislative assembly
82. arb assembly language
83. arkansas general assembly
84. arlington assembly
85. armenian assembly of america
86. array processor assembly language
87. arunachal pradesh legislative assembly
88. asatru folk assembly
89. asatru free assembly
90. asean inter-parliamentary assembly
91. asean inter parliamentary assembly
92. ash civilian assembly center
93. asian parliamentary assembly
94. assam legislative assembly
95. assembler for an assembly language
96. assembly
97. assembly-fuel vacuum
98. assembly-line
99. assembly-line balancing
100. assembly-room

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