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1. abdominal aortae
2. aortae
3. arcus aortae
4. bifurcatio aortae
5. bulbus aortae
6. coarctatio aortae
7. isthmus aortae
8. medionecrosis aortae idiopathica cystica
9. ostium aortae
10. pars abdominalis aortae
11. pars ascendens aortae
12. pars descendens aortae
13. pars thoracica aortae
14. rami mediastinales aortae thoracicae
15. rami oesophageales aortae thoracicae
16. rami pericardiaci aortae thoracicae
17. sinus aortae
18. valva aortae
19. valvula semilunaris dextra valvae aortae
20. vestibulum aortae


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