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1. aditus ad antrum
2. aditus to mastoid antrum
3. antrum
4. antrum auris
5. antrum cardiacum
6. antrum follicularum
7. antrum highmori
8. antrum mastoideum
9. antrum maxillare
10. antrum mucosal protein 18 kda
11. antrum of highmore
12. antrum pyloricum
13. aperture of mastoid antrum
14. cardiac antrum
15. entrance to the mastoid antrum
16. follicular antrum
17. frontal antrum
18. gastric antrum
19. highmore's antrum
20. highmores antrum
21. mastoid antrum
22. maxillary antrum
23. maxillary antrum antrum maxillare
24. nasal antrum
25. puncture of the antrum
26. pyloric antrum
27. pyloric antrum antrum pyloricum
28. retained antrum syndrome
29. sphincter of antrum
30. sphincter of gastric antrum
31. stomach antrum
32. tympanic antrum
33. tympanic antrum antrum tympanicum
34. valsalva's antrum
35. valsalvas antrum


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