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101. 7th air support operations squadron
102. 7th air wing
103. 7th carrier air group
104. 7th guards mountain air assault division
105. 8th air army
106. 8th air brigade
107. 8th air corps
108. 8th air defence army
109. 8th air division
110. 8th air force
111. 8th air support operations squadron
112. 8th carrier air group
113. 9 air
114. 9 regiment army air corps
115. 9th air corps
116. 9th air division
117. 9th air force
118. 9th air refueling squadron
119. 9th air support operations squadron
120. 9th air wing
121. a.s.p. air strike patrol
122. a breath of air
123. a breath of air wind
124. a breath of fresh air
125. a change of air
126. a change of scene scenery air
127. a drama in the air
128. a fresh air romance
129. a horse of air
130. a mouthful of air
131. a nip in the air
132. a pail of air
133. a rainbow in curved air
134. a romance of the air
135. a web of air
136. aachen open air pop festival
137. aalborg air base
138. aarhus air raid
139. aba air
140. abaco air
141. abc air hungary
142. abdullah al-mubarak air base
143. abdullah al mubarak air base
144. aberdeen university air squadron
145. abilene army air field
146. abkhaz air force
147. abkhazian air force
148. abm air
149. aboitiz air
150. aboriginal air services
151. absolute stable air
152. absolutely stable air
153. absolutely unstable air
154. abu suwayr air base
155. abu suweir air base
156. abx air
157. ace air cargo
158. acid air
159. acid of air
160. acm air charter
161. active air defence
162. active air defense
163. activities of the air training corps
164. actual air
165. acute air trapping
166. ada air
167. adak naval air station
168. adam air
169. adampur air force base
170. adampur air force station
171. adjustable air shocks
172. adjustable off-idle air bleed
173. adjustable off idle air bleed
174. adobe air
175. advanced air
176. advanced air defence
177. advanced air striking force
178. advanced medium range air-to-air missile
179. advanced medium range air to air missile
180. aegean air
181. aerial conduction air conduction
182. aero-tropics air services
183. aero tropics air services
184. aerocomp comp air 7
185. aeropelican air services
186. afghan air force
187. afghan national air corps
188. afghan national army air force
189. afonsos air force base
190. agadir air disaster
191. agartala air force station
192. agni air
193. agni air flight cht
194. agora open air museum of izmir
195. agra air force station
196. aguadulce army air field
197. ahmad al-jaber air base
198. ahmad al jaber air base
199. ahmed al jaber air base
200. aiken air force station

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