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1. affections
2. affections doctrine of
3. alienate affections
4. alienate someone's affections
5. alienate someones affections
6. alienated affections
7. alienates affections
8. alienating affections
9. alienation of affections
10. dallied with sb's affections
11. dallied with sbs affections
12. dallies with sb's affections
13. dallies with sbs affections
14. dally with sb's affections
15. dally with sbs affections
16. dallying with sb's affections
17. dallying with sbs affections
18. doctrine of the affections
19. equal affections
20. mutual affections
21. religious affections
22. win sb's affections
23. win sbs affections
24. withdraw the affections of


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