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1. a sign of affection
2. affection
3. affection exchange theory
4. alienation of affection
5. arms of affection
6. destroy the affection of
7. economy of affection
8. feel deep affection for
9. have an affection for
10. hold in affection
11. hydrocephaloid affection
12. king's affection
13. kings affection
14. line of affection
15. local affection
16. loss of affection
17. love and affection
18. metrics of affection
19. mutual affection
20. my affection
21. natural affection
22. object of my affection
23. public display of affection
24. public displays of affection
25. sky and earth has affection
26. term of affection
27. terms of affection
28. the king's affection
29. the kings affection
30. the object of my affection


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