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1. common or tailless tenrec
2. common tenrec
3. dobson's shrew tenrec
4. dobsons shrew tenrec
5. dryad shrew tenrec
6. four-toed rice tenrec
7. four toed rice tenrec
8. genus tenrec
9. greater hedgehog tenrec
10. greater long-tailed shrew tenrec
11. greater long tailed shrew tenrec
12. hedgehog tenrec
13. highland streaked tenrec
14. jenkins' shrew tenrec
15. jenkins shrew tenrec
16. large-eared tenrec
17. large eared tenrec
18. least shrew tenrec
19. lesser hedgehog tenrec
20. lesser long-tailed shrew tenrec
21. lesser long tailed shrew tenrec
22. lowland streaked tenrec
23. mole-like rice tenrec
24. mole like rice tenrec
25. montane shrew tenrec
26. pygmy shrew tenrec
27. rhamphophryne tenrec
28. rice tenrec
29. short-tailed shrew tenrec
30. short tailed shrew tenrec
31. shrew tenrec
32. tailless tenrec
33. tenrec
34. Tenrec Ecaudatus
35. web-footed tenrec
36. web footed tenrec


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