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Computing dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine:

  1. Webster's New World Hacker Dictionary: [966 words, 15Sep2008, More info]
  2. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing: [14573 words, 27Jul2012, More info]
  3. Netlingo: [5211 words, 28Oct2009, More info]
  4. Hutchinson Dictionary of Computers, Multimedia, and the Internet: [1907 words, 13Jul2006, More info]
  5. CCI Computer: [9558 words, 29Aug2009, More info]
  6. Cybernetics and Systems: [601 words, 21Feb2010, More info]
  7. The Difference: [169 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  8. Marketing - Internet Marketing Dictionary: [137 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  9. Game Dictionary: [915 words, 10Sep2009, More info]
  10. Language Dictionaries of Computing Terms: [412 words, 18Jun2009, More info]
  11. About computer dictionary: [1993 words, 30May2009, More info]
  12. BABEL: Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms: [3307 words, 30Jan2010, More info]
  13. CNET Internet Glossary: [655 words, 18Jun2009, More info]
  14. CNPedia: [23800 words, 1Jul2006, More info]
  15. Computer Telephony & Electronics Dictionary and Glossary: [2391 words, 18Jun2009, More info]
  16. Computer Glossart and Terminologies: [259 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  17. DICTIONNAIRE DE L'INTERNAUTE: [4585 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  18. Das Internet-Wörterbuch: [2524 words, 1Jul2006, More info]
  19. Data ordlista: [4493 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  20. Data Formats and Their Sugggested File Extensions: [213 words, 17Nov2009, More info]
  21. Database Glossary: [93 words, 20Jun2009, More info]
  22. Datacommunications: [1218 words, 18Oct2002, More info]
  23. Diccionario de trminos informticos: [393 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  24. Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures: [1259 words, 20Jun2009, More info]
  25. Dictionary of Programming Languages: [160 words, 20Jun2009, More info]
  26. Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms: [2053 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  27. Dictionnaire de l'informatique: [4335 words, 17Aug2009, More info]
  28. Ein einfaches technisches Lexikon, für alle die es benötigen: [180 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  29. Encyclopedia: [506107 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  31. Glosario básico inglés-espańol para usuarios de Internet: [1319 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  32. Glossaire informatique des termes de la Commission ministérielle de terminologie informatique: [218 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  33. Glossaire OSInet des NTIC: [5685 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  34. Glossary of Internet Terms: [358 words, 20Jun2009, More info]
  35. Hacking Lexicon: [535 words, 17Nov2009, More info]
  36. I T Glossary: [3228 words, 28Dec2009, More info]
  37. ILC Internet Terms: [188 words, 20Sep2009, More info]
  38. Internet and Computer Terms: [279 words, 1Jul2006, More info]
  39. Internet Terms: [177 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  40. Internet Terms: [597 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  41. Internet Terms: [269 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  42. Internet Terms: [152 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  43. Karbo's Dictionary: [127 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  44. Linktionary Networking Glossary: [1066 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  45. SELF PACED INTERNET GUIDE: [68 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  46. SMS Dictionary: [875 words, 16Dec2009, More info]
  47. SOBRE INTERDIC...: [219 words, 14Mar2010, More info]
  48. Tech Terms Computer Dictionary: [797 words, 6Jul2009, More info]
  49. Technology Terms and Acronyms: [639 words, 23Mar2010, More info]
  50. Technopedia: [2678 words, 4Nov2011, More info]
  51. The Microsoft Lexicon: [99 words, 19Jun2009, More info]
  52. Unicode Glossary: [230 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  53. Videoconfererencing Glossary: [30 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  54. Vocabulario de ordenadores e Internet: [927 words, 11Sep2009, More info]
  55. Webopedia: [5593 words, 16Nov2009, More info]
  56. Windows API Guide: [331 words, 11Feb2010, More info]
  57. Yola Glossary: [175 words, 29Dec2009, More info]
  58. dizionario tecnico informatico moreorless: [2338 words, 20Oct2009, More info]
  59. whatis?: [6627 words, 16Apr2008, More info]
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