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1. a bad case of stripes
2. aberdare boys' comprehensive school
3. aberdare boys comprehensive school
4. adirondack breeders' cup stakes
5. adirondack breeders cup stakes
6. air bake cookie sheet
7. alcohol beverage control states
8. alcoholic beverage control state
9. alcoholic beverage control states
10. alex bain coronation street
11. american broadcasting company studios
12. amphotericin b cholesteryl sulfate
13. anne b crockett stark
14. annie b crockett stark
15. aristides breeders' cup stakes
16. aristides breeders cup stakes
17. army battle command system
18. azalea breeders' cup stakes
19. azalea breeders cup stakes
20. azeri breeders' cup stakes
21. azeri breeders cup stakes


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