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Quick definitions from WordNet (brush)

noun:  contact with something dangerous or undesirable ("I had a brush with danger on my way to work")
noun:  the act of brushing your hair ("He gave his hair a quick brush")
noun:  the act of brushing your teeth ("The dentist recommended two brushes a day")
noun:  a minor short-term fight
noun:  an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
noun:  conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor
noun:  momentary contact
noun:  a dense growth of bushes
verb:  remove with or as if with a brush ("Brush away the crumbs")
verb:  touch lightly and briefly ("He brushed the wall lightly")
verb:  rub with a brush, or as if with a brush ("Johnson brushed the hairs from his jacket")
verb:  clean with a brush ("She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet")
verb:  cover by brushing ("Brush the bread with melted butter")
verb:  sweep across or over ("Her long skirt brushed the floor")
name:  A surname (rare: 1 in 50000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #5206)

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